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Let's Make Beautiful Nails

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  • Start with freshly groomed nails, take care of cuticles.  Wipe nails with alcohol  and make sure nails beds are clean and free of any residue.  Let dry.  
  • Apply an even layer of Dip Base & Top Coat and dip nail into powder. Tap off excess powder from nail, cleaning around cuticles as needed. Continue to the next finger. Repeat for 2-3 coats on each nail.
  • Apply Activator, wait 2 minutes, then shape and buff nails.  Use the rough buffer first to get most of the imperfections, followed by the smooth.  
  • Wash hand well with just water (no soap)
  • Apply a second coat of Activator, wait 2 minutes, wipe with alcohol and let dry.
  • Using quick light strokes, apply Dip Base & Top Coat (or Dip Top Coat) on all the nails.  Repeat for 2-3 layers until the surface stays smooth and shiny allowing 30-60 seconds to dry between each layer. Do not over brush, this could cause matte spots.  Let dry for 3 minutes and moisturize with cuticle oil.